A visit from poet Aaron McNally










After Aaron’s piece on his trip to Caveworks Press for a day of letterpress printing was published on the North American Review’s blog, (which was a total surprise to me) I thought I would share some pictures from the day here.

Here is the lovely, insightful, and introspective essay: http://northamericanreview.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/publishing-with-a-letterpress-printer-by-aaron-mcnally/

Some background: Caveworks Press published Out of the Blue by Aaron McNally in 2007. Though officially, we had a book launch in Winter 2008 at Bought Again Books in Cedar Falls. Click here for more info on this book.


The spiderwebs image is a glue collograph plate fixed to a multi-purpose type-high plate.

While I finished printing the silver background in this tiny edition of bookmarks, Aaron was writing a revision to the text.

Aaron setting type using my small amount of Engravers Old English, a blackletter style.

Setting up the text and copper cut in the Vandercook press after the background image has been printed.

The "type matter" locked up in the bed of the press using "furniture."

The final design: bookmarks for Halloween

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