Throwaway travels to The Politics of _______________ August 29-September 22

the-politics-of_____ show

The Politics of _______________ August 29-September 22 and staff with Founder and Curator Melanie Mowinski on the right.



If you look closely, you can see my artist’s book, Throwaway resting right under the show title on the wall. Never did I dream this book would travel so much. I am supremely grateful to be included in this first artist-call exhibition at

letterPRESS as a Public Art Project in North Adams, Massachusetts. This looks like such a cool place. The Vandercook press is right in the Gallery space, which makes it easy to add demonstrations to the opening. In fact, let me pull a photo of the staff doing just that on opening night of The Politics of _______________ .

The Politics of _______________ August 29-September 22

I believe the surprise is related to how this is an automatic Vandercook. The carriage has left the feed board quite suddenly! photo by Michaela Jebb.

They are printing keepsake exhibition announcements. I really like this type of gallery/classroom space, I wonder if there might be need for this idea in my own area. Hmmmm……

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