New book, The Vandercook 100 includes Caveworks Press


To celebrate 100 years of letterpress printing on Vandercook presses (1909-2009), printer and press owner, designer, and now publisher Heather Mitchell has spent the last two years of her life putting together the book  The Vandercook 100.

We are extremely pleased to say Caveworks Press joins 99 other printer-artisans featured in this Spring 2012 publication! 


Photo credits: Heather Mitchell

Heather Mitchell  says: ” The Vandercook 100 celebrates 100 years of printing on the Vandercook proof press (19091-2009) and showcases 100 of today’s most significant letterpress printers using the Vandercook press. The selected printers are internationally respected teachers, practitioners, and designers recognized for their diversity of design and printing processes, their passion for letterpress and their love of the Vandercook proof press.”

Caveworks Press makes an appearance in the video trailer.
Hint: There is an ink fairy outside the shop.

Getting a peek into so many shops or studios (there is an ongoing debate on what you call your printing space) will be so interesting to see. Heather says all kinds of tips and tricks for those just learning the art of letterpress will be another bonus, not to mention the historical aspect of the Vandercook proof press model index.

Here’s what’s included:

• 224 pages of insight into the letterpress printing industry
• stories from over 100 artisans, teachers, practitioners, and designers
• over 500 photographs that share a glimpse inside studios, institutions and book art centers throughout the world
• a Vandercook proof press model index
• the best tips + tricks from the 100 participants for maintenance and operation of the Vandercook proof press
• a huge resource section full of useful links to manuals, equipment, museums, supplies, and much more…

Interested? The book can be pre-ordered from Amazon here.

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