The Art of the Note

What you see here is the product of much thought, and a love of writing letters to friends, the handwritten kind. I decided I would begin to offer some personal stationery, because I love to print, and because I want to encourage all the letter writers out there not to give up the pen for the mouse. I love going through old letters from friends; I feel so rich from the experience, and wonder at the fragility of email. Will I be reading through old emails in the future? I don’t now. But would I keep a stash of inscribed notecards that call up the voices and hands of my dear friends? Oh yes. There is something about the handwritten letter that conveys so much more than the words. The very emotion is there, where the “t” was crossed half a space after the letter in haste, and oh—the dashes! The mad dashes of thought!

I like to think that these notecards, printed letterpress, by hand, with ink mixed by eye and hand, with the very personal initials of the writer, are like the handwritten note versus the email; the handcrafted versus the digital, the mark versus the blip of electricity…

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