Race my way: Racing T-Shirt Designs

T-shirt-front-Hilmer Julie Russell-Steuart

The front design by Julie Russell-Steuart

I was recently compensated to do a trial t-shirt design for the racing field (track?) and this is what I came up with. Traced a photo of the car in Illustrator to make the body panels first. The company provided the files for the sponsors and car graphics, and I put them on the body of the car, stretching and distorting for perspective. Used a source photo for tires, converting to fewer colors and making a vector. Another source photo for the helmet, tracing the shape and using the gradient mesh wrap in Illustrator. Then a lot of messing around with fonts and making pattern brushes ensued. Also, I love working with mud splatters. It’s almost as much fun as playing in the mud itself.

T-shirt-back-Hilmer Julie Russell-Steuart

The back design by Julie Russell-Steuart

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