“Limbo :: Ephemera No. 4” The Long Summer of One Print— Drypoint – Collograph – Carborundum – Metal Type

The finished print "Limbo :: Ephemera No. 4"

The finished print “Limbo :: Ephemera No. 4”

“Limbo :: Ephemera No. 4” The Long Summer of One Print


The next print in the series Ephemera, which seeks to respond to current events, an of-the-moment snapshot of the emotions and undercurrents of being alive right now. Ironically it is not a quick reaction, but a feeling distilled from a summer of unrest, a lagging thought reluctantly pushed to the forefront, a confrontation both beautiful, painful and timely.

I continue my exploration of drawing with drypoint, a technique of scratching fine lines into plexiglass and printing from the incised plate. It is combined with collograph plates of mat board and carborundum gel on plexiglass. “Limbo” is metal typeset in Shadow from my collection in the print shop. I use my Vandercook Universal III proof press to execute the print on dampened paper. This is an edition of just nine and one artist’s proof.

“Limbo” is nowhere, but excruciatingly existing in the now, uncertain for the future. Loss is everywhere you look, if you care to.

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 I make no secret of it that my work has been trending to the social justice side of things. On a personal note, I was a field organizer for Bernie Sanders, and I’m now currently elected as Chair of the Disability Caucus for the Iowa Democratic Party.

More pictures of the process and a process video will be coming, soon-ish.

Video snippet- Brushing Carborundum onto Plexiglass for the blue sea area

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