“Human Acquisitions” by Julie Russell-Steuart

Letterpress printed broadside of poem “Human Acquisitions” by Julie Russell-Steuart.

Human Acquisitions BroadsideOriginally printed for the 2010 APA poster bundle, with 55  prints reserved for sale. Handset type in gray and linoleum cuts in two colors on gray Stonehenge paper.

The subject matter is a sci-fi inspired, somewhat fantastic account of growing up with hearing loss (based on my experience). It is the story of a boy and a girl, brother and sister, who find the world of reading, particularly sci-fi, much more attractive than the real world, who escape into fantasy as a means of coping with the social alienation of hearing loss. A bit of a surprise ending, too.

It was chosen in 2002 as the winner of the Roberta S. Tamares Sci-Fi
award at the University of Northern Iowa, while I was taking a
single poetry class with Vince Gotera and volunteering at the North
American Review.

It was featured in a Atelier 6000 Broadside Exhibition at Atelier 6000 in November of 2010.

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