“Ephemera No. 2”, New Reduction Print by Caveworks Press

Ephemera No. 2 by Caveworks Press

Title:”Ephemera No. 2″

The second in a series exploring possibilities of wood type and the ephemeral nature and emotions of the current zeitgeist. 

About a year ago I photographed our neighbor’s house in the hushed twilight of a snowy evening. I was struck by the lone light upstairs. It is my accidental valentine this February.


At the risk of seeming sentimental, I truly believe we can do the things we do because we are loved, have loved, give love and show love. And right now it’s incredibly important to remember the strength given by love. That said, I prefer to let the image speak and divulge something only to you. 


A six color reduction relief print with wood type printed between block layers one and two. This edition of 14 is complete, and the last color printed is how the block stands. There is no reprint because each reworking of the block destroys the previous image.  In contrast, the wood type can be used many many times. I am the current owner of this type, which was made in the late 1800s . I like to imagine how many fleeting (ephemeral) posters or headlines were printed using these letters. Every time I clean them, more black ink comes off. Printing is often called the “black art.”

Size 11″ x 15″ on Strathmore 400 acid free 140lb paper. Signed by the artist. Hand rolled lino cut (slight variations of a painterly approach) with wood type.

$95.00 plus shipping



EPHEMERA NO. 2 by Caveworks Press

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