Process and Print: The Arctic Tern Never Rests, New Print from Caveworks Press

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My latest print in the Ephemera series, “The Artic Tern Never Rests”  is a combination of plexiglass drypoint, monoprint background, collograph, and hand-set wood and metal type. And actually it is my first drypoint edition, after some tests. I had intended to print it with laser engraved imagery, but since the Makerspace we joined is closed to members currently, I opted for a traditional process of scratching into the surface with—don’t laugh, dental tools. I am not sure why we own a set. I use my Vandercook proof press to make my large prints like this one. Normally, a drypoint is made on an etching press, but I enjoy exploring a variety of printmaking processes and will try almost anything with my adjustable bed Vandy. Below are some process images and descriptions.

After drying the prints are dampened again and pressed for several days.

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The finished print

Part of a series of prints that aim to react to and are broadly, “exploring the ephemeral nature and emotions of the current zeitgeist.” You may notice that I have again used the arctic tern from “Ground Truthing” a print from a year ago, executed as a drypoint. The tern is a  powerful symbol as messenger, as it circumnavigates the globe, spending most of its life in the air. The text is incorporated with hand-set wood and metal type.

As part of my activism during Covid-19, 10% of the sales proceeds from this
print will be donated to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. I’ll send funds every time
a print sells to help ensure meals for those that need them.


16 x 20 inches, image size 12 x 15 inches.  Free shipping. 
This small edition of 5 has variations in the monoprint background, so be sure to select the one you like best when ordering.

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