Power of the Press IOWA, Iowa Arts Council Grant Announcement

The promo from Instagram for the grant Power of the Press IOWA, which has the Caveworks Logo in white over the red-inked wood type, and words about the Grant for Exhibitions and Mobile Printing Workshops.

I’m very excited to be awarded a FY2022 grant from the Iowa Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts! I will create new prints, apply for exhibitions and hold mobile print workshops! I plan on continuing the Ephemera print series. I will use my artist/activist voice to explore social issues, encourage dialogue, invite participation and embolden the voices of participants in the workshops, who will create prints to take home and/or use in marches or demonstrations.

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New in Ephemera Series, “Names in Ash :: Ephemera No.5”

I stared into the summer campfires, taking pictures with a filter on Instagram that divided the fire in symmetry. What was this burning heart? I realized it was like staring into our collective grief over the summer of 2020 when ordinary people took to the streets and became activists, holding signs and confronting murderers, defending against chemical weapons with umbrellas, bravely strategizing to outmaneuver police, or whole families marching in their communities for justice. And getting hurt.

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