“Human Acquisitions” by Julie Russell-Steuart


Letterpress printed broadside of poem “Human Acquisitions” by Julie Russell-Steuart. Originally printed for the 2010 APA poster bundle, with 55  prints reserved for sale. Handset type in gray and linoleum cuts in two colors on gray Stonehenge paper. The subject matter is a sci-fi inspired, somewhat fantastic account of growing up…

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Crazy Eddy on the Judgment Day by Mary Swander

Cover of Crazy Eddy on the Judgement Day

Crazy Eddy on the Judgment Day by Mary Swander 2004, Edition of 125, Sold Out Swander writes the roiling river; her language moves with elemental force, unstoppable. Upturned, near familiar phrases momentarily surface like a favorite article of clothing and are submerged again, often with comic results. Humorous stories within stories emerge, like “Samson…

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